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Joseph Mandracchia

CEO of Driven Wyld Inc





P.O. Box 10093

Pompano Beach FL 33061

Date of Birth:

August 11th 1992

A Bit About Me

I have tried many hats in my life and tried a various amount of different professions and opportunities to learn and grow as a person, I have found the most value in the gig economy space as well as the content creation space.

Not simply for the amount of money or the freedom of expression, although does play a role in my life,but the overall freedom to live the way that makes me happy as well as the opportunity to help others find their path and what they are looking for in their lives.

Work Experience

September 2018 - Present Day

June 2018 - September 2018

January 2018 - June 2018

I am an active member of the gig economy space, with accounts on many platforms, such as Doordash UberEats Grubhub and many more! I have been in business for myself for many years and have been providing high quality customer service for many customers on different platforms, providing a vast amount of services in the gig courier space.

I was an Accounts Payable Representative for Miner Corporation, a nationally recognized leader in emergency repair services, such as docks, doors, glass and more. While under the employment of this company, I was not only achieving the goals set by the company, I was exceeding expectations. 

I was a universal banker with a nationally recognized bank, completing transactions that would help sustain and grow funds for my customers, while providing high quality customer service to a linty of customers who had come by on a regular basis, exceeding expectations within the company.

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