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Driven Wyld is the central hub to all things related to the gig economy, side hustles, and being in business for yourself.

My goal is to be a beacon on the path to potentially growing your income, saving and investing effectively, and limit your cost of business as possible, that way you can make the most amount of money in the least amount of time, in the safest possible way. 

Whether you are just looking for some extra cash, achieve financial freedom, or even create an enterprise for yourself, get ready to get Driven Wyld!

Joseph Mandracchia

About Me

My name is Joseph Mandracchia, a gig worker in 2018, with a background in finance, accounting, customer service, retail, food service and many other industries. As someone who has experienced the corporate world, as well as being in business for himself for an extensive period of time, I wanted to pass on some knowledge and wisdom that I have acquired in my many years of being a gig worker. 

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